Embarking on the property investment journey can be difficult if you don’t have an accurate map, a skilled navigator, and a trustworthy support crew behind you. That’s where we fit in.

You will have access to an experienced team of professionals to help you find the right property for your strategy.

We are your buyer’s agent – but unlike the typical buyer’s agent, you won’t be limited to properties in just a few local suburbs. You can select from a range of different properties all across Australia.

Our clients get peace of mind knowing that we have your best interests at heart, and they value the independent advice we give. It’s standard. Honest, customer-focused, long-term service given to you with integrity and ethics is what we are known for.

We are an accredited advisor of the ASPIRE Advisor Network.

The 7 Steps

Step 1: Create a personalised strategy

Step 1: Create a personalised strategy

Work with a Simple Property Investment Advisor to create a personalised strategy for your property portfolio based on: your current financial position, goals, preferences, and risk profile.

A property investment strategy provides you with peace of mind and a road map to property investment that is tailored to your circumstances. Goals are realistic and planned financial outcomes attainable.

Step 2: Set up a finance structure

Step 2: Set up a finance structure

Simple Property Investment coordinates with your finance specialist, or can recommend one if needed. It is important to set up the correct finance structure to complement your strategy.

This is an important step. Certain strategies require a high degree of specialised knowledge (e.g. the purchase of a property through a Self Managed Super Fund). Not having the proper financial structure in place at the onset of the purchase could negatively impact outcomes.

Step 3: Identify suitable properties

Step 3: Identify suitable properties

Your Simple Property Investment Advisor will work with you to identify the right kind of properties that suit your strategy and profile. A shortlist will be created of suitable options for you to review from an online portal.

Through our network we can access and source most properties around the country to find exactly what you are looking for in:

  • Property location
  • Property price
  • Type of property (townhouse, house, apartment, duplex, dual occupancy).

Due diligence is also carried out on every property following a strict selection process. A range of selection criteria must be met before a property will be considered an investment option. This is done to give you the best opportunity to reach your property investment goals.

Criteria include:

  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Demographics
  • Population growth
  • Capital growth potential
  • Rental yield
  • Developer / builder due diligence.
Step 4: Cash-Flow analysis

Step 4: Cash-Flow analysis

After selecting your property, your Simple Property Investment Advisor will prepare a detailed cash-flow analysis. It will detail all the financial aspects of the investment and how it relates to you and your budget.

Step 5: Begin purchase

Step 5: Begin purchase

When the property has been approved for purchase, Simple Property Investment and ASPIRE Advisor Network will manage the transaction process from start to finish.

We’ll make your experience as simple and smooth as possible by coordinating all parties involved and facilitating the purchase.

You can also log into the property portal to check the progress of your purchase, and access important documentation 24/7.

Step 6: Use our professional network

Step 6: Use our professional network

At settlement, you can take advantage of Simple Property Investment’s extensive network: property managers, quantity surveyors, and independent building inspectors to save you time and alleviate stress.

Step 7: Review and next steps

Step 7: Review and next steps

Review the process and outcome of your property purchase. We then make plans for the next step of your strategy if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of most frequently asked questions. To view the entire list of frequently asked questions, please visit the FAQs page.

Why do I need a property investment advisor?

An accountant is qualified to help you with your taxes. A mortgage broker is qualified to help you find the right loan. A financial planner is qualified to give you financial advice. A property investment advisor is qualified and insured (beware those that aren’t) to help you create a tailored strategy and provide advice about the right property investment for your situation.

What’s the difference between a real estate agent and a property investment advisor?

A real estate agent acts as a seller’s (vendor) representative when selling a property. They will generally get an exclusive listing and they are legally responsible to get the best outcome for the vendor.

A property investment advisor helps people identify and implement an investment strategy based on their goals, timeframes, personal circumstances, risk profile and comfort levels. They also provide advice on what properties will be appropriate for their unique strategy.

How do I know SPI is legit? The industry isn’t regulated.

Excellent question. It is important to be very wary of anyone giving you ‘property investment advice’. Unfortunately most property marketers and some real estate agents will promote their exclusively listed properties under the guise of property investment advice however their responsibility is to the vendor and not to the investor (purchaser).

A checklist to use whilst interviewing who you are getting your advice:

  • Are you qualified with legitimate certifications/qualifications?
  • Are you insured to offer property investment advice?
  • Do you/does your organisation get exclusive property listings?
  • Are you a member of an organisation or association that enforces you to adhere to a strict code of conduct?

The team at Simple Property Investment are insured to provide property investment advice and are an accredited Property Investment Advisory under the ASPIRE Advisor Network. Founder Nick Holden is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and Certificate IV Financial Services (Finance and Mortgage Broking). He also has more than 15 years experience investing personally, as mentioned on the About page.

Can I buy a property in my suburb?

Yes, however we want you to have the property best suited to your needs, rather than just because you live nearby. After we discuss your goals and create a strategy, we will help you find a property anywhere around Australia that fits your profile and comfort level. To give you the best choices, you will have access to properties across Australia through a private online property portal. Or if you have something specific in mind we can request the Acquisitions team to source it if possible.

Whether it’s in your suburb or interstate, the Acquisitions team will personally visit every property to make sure it meets our strict property selection and due diligence requirements. And importantly, we will make sure it will meet your long term property goals.

So onto how we get paid…

Am I paying current market value for my property or has the price been inflated?

One of the most important requirements that our Acquisitions team undertake during their due diligence process is to make sure that the purchase price the vendor has set is at competitive market value. If it isn’t, it will not pass this step and will not be listed on the portal.

Remember that we work for you and not the vendor. We have no obligation to promote any particular property. This is a major point of difference from property marketing groups and some real estate agents where they have exclusive listings and can set the price at what they hope to get. They do not have your best interest at heart.

One thing to be aware of is the difference between bank valuations and market valuations.

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