Simple Property Investment is an accredited member of the ASPIRE Property Advisor Network (ASPIRE).

ASPIRE is an industry leading network of qualified, experienced and ethical Advisors. They provide quality, unbiased investment advice to their clients – and help them create and implement strategies, including acquiring property and other assets.

ASPIRE supports independent property investment advice businesses, providing an operating framework with compliance and future regulation as its core focus.

This means that investors will be protected at every step of their investment journey.

A key differentiation is that all ASPIRE advisors are professionally insured for Property Investment Advice. With the property investment industry being unregulated, achieving Professional Indemnity Insurance for our accredited advisories was a significant step.

Richard Crabb, ASPIRE Managing Director

ASPIRE Advisors are chosen for their:

  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Ethics

ASPIRE is one of very few in the unregulated property industry that:

  • Provides advisors who are insured to provide ‘property investment advice’ (very uncommon for advisors to have this insurance)
  • Offers a wide range of properties, locations, and prices to suit every budget
  • Has a thorough due diligence process in place for the selection of properties, advisors and developers
  • Has a similar code of ethics to the highly regulated financial services industry
  • Does not have exclusive agreements with developers/builders (has access to property, but not obligated to sell property as many project marketers are)
  • Requires that all advisors have a minimum set of qualifications: RGV 146 in Financial Planning, full Real Estate licence, and Certificate IV in Mortgage/Finance Broking.

This gives our clients peace of mind that their best interests are truly at heart when they come to us for advice.