It’s one of the biggest purchases of your life. So it’s totally understandable that you’d demand the most skilled and experienced team to help you meet your investment strategy.

Along with the award winning ASPIRE Property Advisor Network, we act as your Buyer’s Agent: we are in your corner when it comes to buying an investment property. No standing on the sidelines. No looking out for the seller. We’re here for you.

We are your edge over other buyers.

Acquisitions Service

What SPI and ASPIRE do

Simple Property Investment

  1. Understand and analyse ASPIRE’s property research to see if it suits your circumstance
  2. Select options based on your comfort levels and strategy
  3. Present and explain your options
  4. Run you through investment and cashflow analysis
  5. Give you support throughout the purchase process, securing a tenant and beyond
  6. Help to grow a portfolio that performs well.

ASPIRE Advisor Network

  1. Undertake due diligence on properties and vendors
  2. Source properties
  3. Build relationships with vendors
  4. Negotiate best possible terms
  5. Provide administration and support
  6. Build database of well researched properties for advisors to browse
  7. Reassurance of a strong backing behind each purchase
  8. Acquisition service to source specific properties upon investor’s request.

Acquisition Service Benefits

Protect your sanity, your hard earned investment funds, and your sleep. Choose to use property investment services that are backed by one of the most respected organisations in the property industry: the ASPIRE Advisor Network.

This ensures you will benefit from our acquisition services as:

1. The right property fit for your individual strategy can be sourced

Through our network we can access and source properties around the country to find exactly what you are looking for in:

  • Property location
  • Property price
  • Type of property (townhouse, house, apartment, duplex, dual occupancy).

Your choices are not limited to a property stocklist like many property businesses and real estate agents.

2. Easy and convenient monitoring of your property acquisition

Interstate properties are equally as easy to keep track of with your exclusive access to a unique online property portal which includes:

  • Photos
  • Demographic and location research
  • Latest news
  • Important property documents
  • Property purchase communication updates
  • Completion of purchase milestones
  • And more.
3. Knowing all properties are well researched

Due diligence is carried out on every property following a strict selection process. A range of selection criteria must be met before a property will be considered an investment option. This is done to give you the best opportunity to reach your property investment goals. Criteria includes:

  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Demographics
  • Population growth
  • Capital growth potential
  • Rental yield
  • Developer / builder due diligence.

All properties must pass in-person inspections by the ASPIRE Acquisitions team at every stage of development.

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