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No matter where you are in Australia, our Property Investment Advisors can guide you and your family to find great value inner-city and regional property investment opportunities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

We’ll work with you to get the investment property that’s right for you based on your situation, budget, and preferences.

Property Investment Advice

Do you have the knowledge and contacts needed to confidently buy an investment property?

Buying an investment property is one of the biggest purchases of your life. It’s no wonder that many investors lay wide awake worrying night after night about issues such as:

  • Have I found the right place?
  • Am I paying a good price for it?
  • Have we found tenants?
  • Should I check up on it tomorrow?
  • What location should I buy in?
  • Will we get capital growth in 10 years?
  • Can we rely on it for income when we retire?

What could go wrong… quite often does. This is what Murphy’s law tells us. Especially when buyers deal directly with banks, agents, developers, solicitors, and vendors.

Why? This varies but can be attributed to; not having an investment strategy, misunderstanding obligations you have as an investor, or listening to inappropriate advice from various people that are not properly qualified or have an undisclosed vested interest.

Choose a stress-free property investment buying experience from day one

Simple Property Investment aims to deliver a stress free buying experience from the start. We ensure investors:

1. Have a dedicated property investment advisor

Your own personal property investment advisor will be your go-to from start to finish, and beyond. For anything – and everything! No more being passed around from person to person, calling hundreds of times to get an answer.

2. Understand the buying process and we follow up with key stakeholders

Sleep soundly every night knowing we’ll do the follow ups and let you know what the fine print means. Before you sign. We’ll explain it to you until you get it.

3. Enjoy the services of quality professionals at every turn

Every professional that helps you in your property journey are at the top of their field: qualified, insured, and experienced. Just as important, every professional is chosen for their genuine care for your best interests.

4. Have cashflow projections calculated

We’ll give you projections for every property and scenario, whether you are buying inside or outside super, with one income or two. You’ll have an idea of deductions, what rental income you’ll receive, and your rate of return.

5. Never pay sky high commissions

You will never pay more than market value for your property.

The industry is crawling with ‘property marketers / project marketers / real estate agents’ who offer you their services under the guise of true ‘property investment advice’. Beware of property marketers who hide their sky high commissions within your property price.

With Simple Property Investment you can be sure your property will be purchased at a competitive market value.

We’ve jumped a lot of hoops to offer you a truly independent, professional service

For anyone who has ever purchased an investment property, you know what a jungle it is out there – the market is unregulated and some advice can be questionable.

Finding an insured property advisory that is truly independent – with the skills and integrity necessary to provide impartial and sound property investment advice can be difficult.

This is why Simple Property Investment exists – to give you a fully insured and independent property advisory service with a ‘no pressure’ and ‘no hard sell’ approach, which unfortunately is too common within the industry.

We’re here to look after your best interests. And we do it in these 3 powerful ways:

1. Accredited and insured for Property Investment Advice

  • Accredited: We are accredited under the ASPIRE Advisor Network – one of the most respected organisations in the property industry.
  • Insured: Our insurance and qualifications are specific to provide ‘property investment advice’ – it includes the RG146 in Financial Planning and a strict code of ethics that hold us accountable.
  • Peace of mind: We aim to give you peace of mind in this currently unregulated property investment industry.

2. Large range of properties, locations, developers and price points

  • Keep to your budget and strategy with a property that fits your criteria: whether it’s a townhouse, house, apartment, or house & land package – in all major Australian cities by many different developers.
  • Strict selection process: Our Acquisitions team will complete due diligence on every property following a strict selection process and in-person inspections.
  • Do your own due diligence: You’ll be given exclusive access to an Australian-first Online Property Portal where you can check out properties, including facts, figures, photos, and more, chosen specifically for you.

3. Independent

  • We don’t have direct relationships to any vendors: this keeps us truly independent as investment advisors.
  • Professionally insured: It’s difficult to get professional indemnity insurance for property investment advice – we have it because of our truly independent advice model. We don’t sell property, we give property investment advice – and help you source the right property for your personal strategy.
  • BEWARE of organisations who have exclusive listings: and sell their properties under the guise of property investment advice. Their legal obligation is to the vendor – not you, the purchaser.
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Unlike many other "property investment advisories", we're qualified, accredited, and insured to give you property investment advice.

Looking for an experienced, friendly Investment Property Advisor in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, or Perth?

No matter where you are in Australia, our knowledgeable Property Investment Advisors will guide you and your family to find great value inner-city and regional property investment opportunities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

You can be sure we’ll work with you until you’re 100% satisfied that we’ve found the right property investment for your situation, budget, and preferences.

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